Tainan Delicacy ‧Oujiali
  • Oujiali Restaurant is located in Tainan and founded in 2000. The place has provided pasta, hot pot, steak, afternoon tea set, etc. There is professional chef in the restaurant who has over 30 years of experience. The restaurant uses absolutely fresh ingredients to make all the dishes. With reasonable prices of every dish, the place has become local’s favorite.
    There are seats on both first and second floor. The spacious surroundings is suitable for holding big events and reunions.
  • German Pork Knuckles

    German pork knuckles is a must-order dish in the restaurant. The pork knuckle is over 1kg and marinated in advance. The crispy outer layer and soft meat will make you memorable.
  • Thai Pan-fried Chicken Chop

    Thai style pan-fried chicken chop is crispy and succulent. The Thai style sauce has added lemonade and chili sauce to make the chicken chop even more delectable.
  • Roasted Pork Ribs

    The pork ribs are marinated with red yeast and Shaoxing wine. After roasting, you can smell fine winery aroma when it is served.
  • Roasted Chicken

    Mexican spices, fennel and ketchup are applied on the surface of the chicken after marinating. The firm texture and succulent meat is absolutely stunning.
  • Afternoon Tea Set

    All-you-can-eat afternoon tea set has included soups, beverages, cakes, pesto bread, etc. You can savor everything in one time with reasonable price.
  • Spacious Surroundings

    There are seats on both first and second floor. The spacious surroundings is suitable for holding big events and reunions.
  • Information

    ■Opening hours: 1130-2300

    ■Menu(loweset consuming fee for per person is NTD150 and 10% service fee is subject to charge)
    【Main dish】(valid hours:1130-2130)
     Chicken’s leg with sesame
     Thai Pan-fried Chicken Chop
     Clam& shrimp cream pasta
     Au gratin sausage pasta
     White wine & seafood pasta
     Roasted chicken in Mexican style
     Roasted pork ribs with red yeast sauce
     Pan-fried duck chest with orange& red wine sauce
     Zeus faber& fennel with cream sauce
     Pan-fried cod with rosemarry sauce
     Marbled pork with red wine sauce
     Pork chop with cheese
     German pork kncukles
     New Zealand lamb with peppermint
     Premium fillet steak with sliced bacon cheese(7 o.z)
     Premium fillet steak(7 o.z)
     Premium fillet steak with goose liver(7 o.z)

    【Upgrade main dish】
    《Meal set A》
     Main dish+NTD100(choose 3 out of 4):

    《Meal set B》
     Main dish+NTD150(7 courses):
     5.pesto bread
     6.fruit vinegar

    【Side dish】
     Fruit vinegar    
     Pesto bread    
     Ice cream    
     Milk curd      
     Beef soup      
     Seafood fruit salad  
     Vegetable salad   
    【Hot pot】(valid hours:1130-2100)
     Include: fruit vinegar, main dish and beverage(choose from beverage under NTD120)
     Vegetarian mushroom hot pot     
     Vegetarian cream& curry hot pot    
     Vegetarian Chinese herbals hot pot  
     Vegetarian cream hot pot     
     Vegetarian cream& pumpkin hot pot  
     Mixed flavor hot pot / beef
     Kimchi hot pot / beef
     Cream& curry hot pot / beef
     Chinese herbals hot pot / chicken / beef /  fish
     Sesame chicken hot pot    
     Seafood hot pot        
     Thai style seafood hot pot
     Cream hot pot        
     Cream& pumpkin hot pot   

    【Side dish】
     Handmade fish ball   

    【All-you-can-eat afternoon tea】
     Valid hours: 1430-1630

    ◎Chinese version:http://062086366.tw.tranews.com/

    Address: No.19, Ln. 18, Daxue Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:06-2086366